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Friday, August 22, 2008, filed under Bridal Shower Ideas, Bridesmaids Corner, Games Galore!

Another (super easy) bridal shower game uses one simple thing…clothespins. The rules are a breeze. Each player starts with one clothespin. Assign a couple certain “no-no-words” (such as wedding, bride, marriage, etc…), that will come up frequently in bridal shower girl talk. Have your ladies pin their clothespin on their top or dress…somewhere easy to spot!  When a guest hears another guest say one of the “no-no-words,” they confiscate their clothespin. Whoever has the most at the end of the shower (or whenever you want to call time), wins! It’s a great way to get people talking (and squealing, when they lose thier clothespin)!

Have a basket of clothespins by the sign in book at the shower or have one of the bridesmaids give one clothespin to each guest on their way in the door. Explain the rules to them as they get their game piece…and watch the magic unfold.


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