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Sunday, July 27, 2008, filed under Bridal Shower Ideas, Bridesmaids Corner

It is the day before your best friend’s bridal shower. You have been planning the event for a few months now, and are totally ready and excited for the shower. Your BFF calls you and announces that she has still not purchased her wedding book! She casually asks you, “So…what are my guests going to sign?” Your first reaction is to scorn her and let her know how hard you have worked on her shower to make every detail perfect, and her only duty was to provide you with her wedding-book! Okay, now take a deep breath and put all that anger aside, because Daisy is here with a quick, easy, and cheap solution!

Step one, run to the nearest craft store and purchase a cute patterned piece of paper, in the bridal shower colors (the piece of paper will generally cost about 50 cents).
Step two, get out your handy-dandy laptop and create a document to print on the paper. Something like…”A Bridal Shower Honoring, Daisy, February 23, 2008.” Also, include lines for the guests to sign. Print the document on the piece of paper.
Step three, find a piece of cardboard and some tissue paper/wrapping paper that goes with the shower colors. Wrap the piece of cardboard with the tissue paper/wrapping paper.
Step four, attach the guest list paper you just printed to the cardboard using double-sided tape.
Step five, tie a ribbon around the piece of cardboard to add a cute touch and tie everything together.

The guests will just sign this adorable creation you have thrown together, and the bride can attach the paper to her wedding book, when she finally gets around to buying it. Hey, you did your part!


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