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Tuesday, November 18, 2008, filed under Bridal Shower Ideas, Bridesmaids Corner, Games Galore!

Every little girl dreams about her wedding day.  What time of year it will be in, what her color-scheme will be, and of course, the dress!

Give your girlfriends a chance to make their dreams come true…with the Toilet Paper Bride game at the bridal shower.  Divide the guests into even groups of 3-6.  Pass out a few rolls of TP to each group.  The group then decides which lucky girl will get to dawn the dress and the others turn into instant seamstresses and start to create the masterpiece.  They can tuck, tie, and pinch the toilet paper into place creating their dream wedding gown.  Some creative gals will even go all out and make veils, garters, and wedding rings as well.  

Once you call time (give them about 7 minutes or so) allow your real bride to be walk around from group to group and pick the dress she likes most.  

This game is a great way to get your guests moving around and socializing…and hey…who doesn’t want to be turned into a bride for a day?  Have fun!


Friday, August 22, 2008, filed under Bridal Shower Ideas, Bridesmaids Corner, Games Galore!

Another (super easy) bridal shower game uses one simple thing…clothespins. The rules are a breeze. Each player starts with one clothespin. Assign a couple certain “no-no-words” (such as wedding, bride, marriage, etc…), that will come up frequently in bridal shower girl talk. Have your ladies pin their clothespin on their top or dress…somewhere easy to spot!  When a guest hears another guest say one of the “no-no-words,” they confiscate their clothespin. Whoever has the most at the end of the shower (or whenever you want to call time), wins! It’s a great way to get people talking (and squealing, when they lose thier clothespin)!

Have a basket of clothespins by the sign in book at the shower or have one of the bridesmaids give one clothespin to each guest on their way in the door. Explain the rules to them as they get their game piece…and watch the magic unfold.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008, filed under Bridal Shower Ideas, Bridesmaids Corner, Engagement Party, Games Galore!

When a couple gets engaged, friends and family expect them to know each inside and out. Put your bride and groom friends to the test, and play a modern version of the Newlywed game at the engagement party!

Here’s how to make a homemade newlywed game:

• Put your bride and groom up against another newlywed couple or a couple that has spent many years together. Daisy threw a joint-engagement party once for friends who got engaged a week apart from one another, and paired both couples up against an older couple who had been married for 27 years. The game was super fun with three couples.

• Decide how many rounds you want to include in the game. Daisy recommends three rounds (about 5-10 minutes each):

o Multiple choice round- in this round the host will give each couple a question and a few answers to choose from.
• For example: Groom- what does your fiancé do first things in the morning?
• A: brush her teeth
• B. turn on the coffee pot
• C. go to the bathroom
• D. roll-over on top of you
• If the groom gets the question right, they get a point. If they get it wrong, they get shamed by grandma.

o Matching-answers round- in this round the host asks the couple a question about their relationship.
• For example: Where was your first date?
• The couple then writes down an answer (buy spirals or make an answer-book for them to write down their answers). The couple will then hold up their answers. If they match, they get a one-couple-point. If they get it wrong, boo the living daylights out of them.

o “That’s My Mate” round- this round includes all couples in the game. Read interesting and obscure facts about the players.
• For example: This person only eats cold tomatoes. Hot tomatoes are unacceptable.
• The partner of the person who only likes cold tomatoes should raise their hand and say,”that’s my mate!” If they get it right, they get a one-couple-point. If they get it wrong, embarrass them in front of the crowd.

Whatever couple has the most points at the end, knows each other the best! In turn, they have a 100% chance of living happily ever after!