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Wednesday, August 20, 2008, filed under Bridal Shower Ideas, Bridesmaids Corner, Engagement Party, Games Galore!

When a couple gets engaged, friends and family expect them to know each inside and out. Put your bride and groom friends to the test, and play a modern version of the Newlywed game at the engagement party!

Here’s how to make a homemade newlywed game:

• Put your bride and groom up against another newlywed couple or a couple that has spent many years together. Daisy threw a joint-engagement party once for friends who got engaged a week apart from one another, and paired both couples up against an older couple who had been married for 27 years. The game was super fun with three couples.

• Decide how many rounds you want to include in the game. Daisy recommends three rounds (about 5-10 minutes each):

o Multiple choice round- in this round the host will give each couple a question and a few answers to choose from.
• For example: Groom- what does your fiancé do first things in the morning?
• A: brush her teeth
• B. turn on the coffee pot
• C. go to the bathroom
• D. roll-over on top of you
• If the groom gets the question right, they get a point. If they get it wrong, they get shamed by grandma.

o Matching-answers round- in this round the host asks the couple a question about their relationship.
• For example: Where was your first date?
• The couple then writes down an answer (buy spirals or make an answer-book for them to write down their answers). The couple will then hold up their answers. If they match, they get a one-couple-point. If they get it wrong, boo the living daylights out of them.

o “That’s My Mate” round- this round includes all couples in the game. Read interesting and obscure facts about the players.
• For example: This person only eats cold tomatoes. Hot tomatoes are unacceptable.
• The partner of the person who only likes cold tomatoes should raise their hand and say,”that’s my mate!” If they get it right, they get a one-couple-point. If they get it wrong, embarrass them in front of the crowd.

Whatever couple has the most points at the end, knows each other the best! In turn, they have a 100% chance of living happily ever after!